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Grow Deeper



The nursery at Main Street UMC allows families with young children time to refresh their spirits and strengthen their faith through worship and Bible study, while knowing that their children are in a safe and caring environment.  The nursery is available during Sunday School, Worship, and other events taking place at the church.  


Growing Faith, Shaping Futures!


Our Children's Sunday School is a dynamic and engaging environment where young hearts and minds come alive through interactive learning, inspiring stories, and a whole lot of laughter.


Be the light!


Dive into authentic discussions about life, faith, and the teenage journey. Our class is a judgment-free zone where your thoughts and questions matter.


Join us for interactive discussions, real-life application, challenges & games that bring biblical teachings to life, putting faith into action, casual hangouts, and connecting with awesome youth who share your experiences.



Each week in the Cornerstone class, a lesson is presented and class members participate in a discussion about the material.  We are a class that is small but mighty, and we're always happy to welcome new members!


Kitchen Class

The Kitchen Class was formed in 1961 as the "College and Career" class.  After the founding members had all graduated from college, it was time for a change of name, and our new name chosen reflected the location in the church building.  The class members have been faithful to the original vision of creating a space for Christians to come together for spiritual growth and fellowship.  A United Methodist Biblically based curriculum is used, and all are invited to come and grow with us.


The Happy Class

When the Happy Class started meeting, our first lesson series was on Max Lucado's book, The Keys to Happiness.  We chose our name based on that book, because we are truly happy:

--Happy to meet together as friends.

--Happy to study God's Word together.

--Happy to share insights and ideas.

--Happy to be part of Main Street UMC and God's Kingdom.

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